How to Call Someone

This post highlights how to start a real-time text conversation using Speech2RTT®.

Before initiating your first call, please read and become familiar with Speech2RTT’s® Guidelines for Use

Speech2RTT® automatically selects the first phone number appearing in a contact listing. For this reason you need to enter the mobile number, for people you plan to call using Speech2RTT, first. If you list their landline number first, your call will not go though.


From the “No Chats Found” screen, tap the “Contacts” tab. Then, select the person you wish to communicate with.




If you want to send someone an “alert” that you are about to call them, tap the “Alarm/Alert” icon:



After tapping the Alert icon you will see the message, “xxx has been notified about your alert.” After doing this you could send them a short message by tapping the “Start Speaking” button and saying what you want to say to them. What you say will immediately be transcribed and sent to them, in real-time.  Note: If you wish to type in real-time rather than speaking you can tap the text entry field at the bottom of the screen and type your message rather than speaking it.

Once the other person starts communicating, your conversation will look like this:



After completing your conversation you can share it with someone, if you wish to do so, by clicking on the Share icon:

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