Ground Rules for Using Speech2RTT

Ground rules for using Speech2RTT:

  • Take turns when communicating with others;
  • After every pause in your speech, pause for 1-2 seconds before commencing to speak again. This provides your smart phone with enough time to stream any text remaining in your smart phone’s transcription buffer. For slower smart phones: If you speak too quickly after a pause, and you buffer has not had a chance to empty, the first few words in the transcript of what you are saying when you begin speaking again, will be cut off.
  • Speak as clearly and distinctly as possible;
  • Speak at a normal pace;
  • If words are transcribed incorrectly, simply repeat them;
  • If you opt to type your messages in real time, make sure that Speech2RTT’s “Stop Listening” button is activated.
  • Turn off all other running apps on your smart phone before using Speech2RTT;
  • Do not place 911 RTT calls or any other type of calls that could you consider critical, or an emergency.
  • Do not use Speech2RTT to try and establish “TTY to RTT” or “RTT to TTY” communications.
  • Do not use Speech2RTT when other VoIP, SIP, or WiFi calling apps are running at the same time.
  • Do not use Speech2RTT when any other apps are running on your device.

Circumstances under which Speech2RTT may not work on your smart phone:

  • Your smart phone does not have the resources necessary to run Speech2RTT; or,
  • You are not following the “Ground rules for using Speech2RTT” guidelines.

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