Novel Uses

This post highlights potential, novel, uses for Speech2RTT®.

1. Facilitate face-to-face conversations between persons who are deaf or hard of hearing and:

  • Doctors;
  • Nurses;
  • Police;
  • Fire;
  • Medics;
  • Teachers;
  • Friends;
  • Family Members;
  • Etc.

2  Automatically generate text transcriptions “listening assists” in support of people who are hard-of-hearing (not deaf) wishing to benefit more fully from radio broadcasts, television broadcasts, movies, videos of any type, and live/live-streamed events in cases where captioning is not being made available. This is especially true in countries that do not support, or foster, the same level of captioning support services we enjoy in the United States.

Implementation Styles:

B1. Gooseneck Holders

B2. Wearable GoPro Smartphone Holders

B3. Listening Assistant

By holding their smartphones close to a TV, people who are hard of hearing can use Speech2RTT® Communicator to transcribe what is being said on programs that do not offer captioning.


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