Saurabh Gupta


Saurabh Gupta serves as IDEAL Group's Chief Technology Officer. Saurabh is an advanced developer and manages all of IDEAL Group's development teams, including the Apps4Android development team.  Saurabh personally architected and managed the design, development and implementation of a very wide range of successful applications and infrastructures. Saurabh's was instrumental in developing IDEAL Group’s collection of Discovery Education Math Applications including IDEAL Web Math Algebra; IDEAL Web Math K-8; IDEAL Equation Finder; IDEAL Web Math Trig/Calculus; IDEAL Web Math for Everyone; IDEAL Web Math General Math; AND, IDEAL Web Math Plots/Geometry. In addition, Saurabh's teams, under his supervision, developed IDEAL Group Reader®; IDEAL Group Reader; IDEAL Voter Information Tablet; IDEAL Web Math; IDEAL eBook Converter; NIST Voting Tablet; Sprint Accessibility Packs; Connecticut Radio Information Services; Easy Access for Android; IDEAL Group's Document Summarization Technologies; IDEAL Caption Services; uCaption services; Speech2RTT Communicator; and much more.

Saurabh's early background was that of a principal design engineer in the semiconductor industry. Saurabh earned his Bachelors of Technology in Electrical Engineering and Masters of Technology in Microelectronics from IIT Bombay, Mumbai.