Kevin Dwinnell


Kevin Dwinnell is the Commercialization Practice Leader for Taivara. Kevin leads companies through an evidence-based process for product innovation and revenue growth. His clients improve their chances for new product success by focusing on identifying, prioritizing, validating and developing products using experimentation, customer interactions and small investments to deliver big outcomes.

As head of product innovation for Taivara, Kevin has actively worked with dozens of companies. At the earliest stages, he defines the assumptions built into their business, executes the appropriate tests to provide real-market data and adds clarity to the uncertain environment surrounding new products. His specialties include strategic planning, market entry tactics, customer discovery and product commercialization.

Before joining Taivara, Kevin was active in the startup community as a founding member of Brand Thunder an affinity-marketing tool and consumer-engagement platform on the web. Kevin helped build the company into one of the most used browser extensions for entertainers, publishers and sports programs at the collegiate and professional levels.

Kevin has a history of driving product innovation, testing early business markets and forging strategic relationships to boost top-line revenue. With more than 20 years in the startup and digital technology space performing work for leading brands like AOL, Cardinal Health, HP, InterDigital and Sony to high-growth companies like Acceptd, Sprout it and Flip Video, he helps minimize missteps and improve chances for success. His experience in launching and growing new business in both B2B and B2C categories also include efforts for Alliance Data, Hanna-Barbera Studios, Emerson Network Power and Turner Broadcasting. Kevin has an MBA from The Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.