Android Smartphone Optimization

Speech2RTT® Communicator is an advanced communications app. It uses local, smart phone-based, resources (storage, memory, and processing power) rather than off-loading the hard work to the cloud.

In order to insure that Speech2RTT® Communicator has all the local resources it needs to perform properly, we highly recommend “fine-tuning” your Android smart phone before installing Speech2RTT® Communicator.

Here’s a great resource in support of achieving this objective:
Slow Android Phone – How To Speed It Up, What Causes It, How to Fix It

Here are some other third-party guidelines/instructions, by type of remediation, to achieve this objective:

27 experts share their top tips for making sluggish smart phones faster

Disable Startup Apps

Animations/Extras: Limit/Stop

Clear your cached data: 

Turn Off Automatic App Updates

Stop Automatic Background App Refreshing

Disable Location Services

Clean up your device’s storage space

Uninstall or Disable Unused Apps

Limit the use of/Remove Widgets/Live Wallpapers

Clean-up Your SD Card, if Your Phone Has One

If all else fails, factory reset

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